How To Beat Hunger While Burning Fat

Excess belly fat can be incredibly stubborn. Even devoted dieters and exercisers struggle with it. If you’ve lost a lot of weight it’s usually the last thing to go.

Belly fat doesn’t just tighten your pants and ruin your beach body. It can be seriously harmful. Belly fat is a major risk factor for diabetes, heart disease and other nasty conditions. Even with a slim figure, a belly can be a sign of too much fat around your organs.

There’s a lot of advice out there about losing belly fat. Some of this advice is obvious, like eating less and moving more. However, there’s some important causes of belly fat most people don’t know.

We’ve done the research for you, cut through the noise and identified three main factors standing in the way of you getting the flat belly of your dreams.


One weight loss study compared two groups of people. The first group had a bagel for breakfast every morning. The other group had eggs. Even though both breakfasts had the same caloric content, the group eating eggs lost 66% more weight.

If you’ve ever tried this experiment yourself, you won’t be surprised at the results. There’s no question protein rich meals keep you full for longer.

Additionally, a high protein diet could help you retain lean muscle mass while you’re losing weight. That means you can achieve a great physique and avoid that dreaded “skinny fat” look when your diet is done.

Fortunately for carb fiends, you don’t have to replace every single carb calorie in your diet with protein. Just increase the amount of protein gradually, and try to eat a substantial amount with every meal.

Tip 2 – A New Technique To Avoid Emotional Eating

Picture the scene. You’ve just had a delicious, healthy dinner. You’ve eaten all of your calories for the day. It’s more than enough nutrition to keep your body fueled all night until breakfast. On paper, you should be completely satisfied.

So why are you desperate to reach for a packet of chips or a cookie?

The answer is emotional eating. Like anything else that feels good, from watching TV to having a glass of wine, eating has an incredible emotional pull that leaves us tempted to have more.

It’s particularly obvious when you’re stressed or depressed. Eating can distract you from emotional pain and discomfort, and a big project at work or a tough time in your personal life often sends the numbers on the scale rocketing up.

If your diet is derailed by low moods, you could consider a fat burner with natural ingredients.

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Tip 3 – Never Crave Junk Food Again

Imagine if you could have complete control over your hunger. You’d never be pushed into unhealthy food choices by cravings or temptations. Instead, you could eat small healthy portions, day in and day out.

This type of appetite control isn’t a fantasy, and you don’t have to turn to dangerous drugs or surgery to achieve it. Natural compounds from plants and herbs could significantly decrease your appetite and make you satisfied with smaller amounts of food.

One of these compounds is a potent extract of juniper berry. These small berries were eaten by Native Americans for thousands of years to suppress their appetite during times of famine. Until recently they were forgotten by medical science, but recently the appetite reducing power of juniper is gaining recognition.

Now, thousands of people all over the world have started to suppress their appetite with juniper berry extract. One groundbreaking fat burner, called Expire, contains a large dose of juniper berry extract. The weight loss results are phenomenal.

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